The Lake Erie Crushers & Armor Background Screeners

T3 Performance Teams Up with Armor Background Screeners

T3 Performance is a premier athlete training facility located in Avon, Ohio.

Mike D ‘Andrea started out as a Performance Coach in a young training company and within 4 months purchased the business from the previous owners and renamed it T3 Performance.

Since taking over the business in February of 2009 he has expanded from 1,500 sq. ft. to 30,000 sq. ft. Over the past 5 years Mike’s team has been focused on developing the most efficient and effective system for developing

athletes. Mike knows the importance of trying to keep his athletes safe as well as his employees. Working with Mikes’ HR Team to implement a strategy to help protect his business, is our business. Congratulations to the T3 Team from Armor Background Screeners!

Jeff Firestone, CPA, CFE, McManamon & Co., LLC

McManamon & Co. was founded in 1998 by a group of talented individuals who believed that success in building a business would be achieved by placing our client needs first. These individuals demonstrated a high level of integrity and respect along with a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and courage, and ability to lead.

Our people build our relationships based upon doing the right thing. Our values define who we are. These are fundamental beliefs, guiding our actions and our behavior. They influence the way we work with each other and the

way we serve our clients.

Armor Background Screeners is proud to be affiliated with McManamon & Co. serving their needs and the needs of their clients.

Jim Wiegand, Operations Manager at The Olive Scene

The owners at The Olive Scene, all with Mediterranean roots, share a common love of simple yet rich cuisine. They grew up knowing that olive oil was the healthiest of all the oils. There was no question that the only oil to be used in the delicate and wonderful recipes handed down by their families was olive oil.

After visiting Italy, Turkey and Tunisia, they each experienced a taste of olive oil like never before. They found that these fresh, rich, flavorful oils could transform an already delicious meal into an exquisite taste sensation. They also

learned that the olive variety, the method of pressing, and the freshness of the oil are what lead to such superior quality. The difficulties they found in obtaining this grade of oil locally are what lead them to the creation of The Olive Scene.

Armor Background Screeners is proud to be a part of The Olive Scene and the expansion of their business. Not only are the oils exquisite, but so are the people they hire! Congratulations to everyone at the Olive Scene!

Lisa Bramhall, Executive Director of Save our Children

Save our Children is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve literacy and promote academic excellence and leadership to at risk children through a free after-school program.

The after-school program provides intellectual, social and spiritual enrichment opportunities to children and youth regardless of their gender, racial or religious background.

Save our Children currently serves children ages 3-6 and are quickly expanding to include summer programs

and programs for teens.

Lisa Bramhall is the Executive Director of Save our Children. She has been involved in non-profit work for over 20 years. Lisa is passionate about children and giving back to her community. She is married and has children of her own.

Armor Background Screeners is proud to be affiliated with “Save our Children” and we’re excited to work with Lisa Bramhall to keep the children of Elyria in a safe and positive environment.

Mike Conibear, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lorain County, Ohio

Mike Conibear has been actively involved in the Boys & Girls Clubs for over 28 years.

Mike has taken his Boys and Girls Clubs from 30 annual members to over 3000. He has also opened 13 new chartered Boys & Girls Clubs of America units and established many new Club partnerships in underserved communities throughout the county.

Mike strives to offer quality programs for children and families and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of under-served youth. Armor Background

Screeners is here to help Mike hire people he can trust, so he can do what he does best, give children the chance to have a Great Future!